Story number 3 for 28 Sep 2000

By September 28, 2000

The Dalai Lama is warning that a cultural genocide is under way in Tibet under the guise of Chinese-led development programs. Reports indicate national Chinese now outnumber Tibetans, and their Buddhist traditions are quickly being forgotten. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says their Christian radio program is sensitive to that. “We try to preserve a cultural heritage of the listeners in the Tibetan language. But, then included among the day’s segments, is always approximately half the program, which talks about matters that are rooted in Biblical teaching.” DeYoung doesn’t anticipate any changes in Words of Hope programming. “I don’t see the recent perceptions, observations of the Dalai Lama pushing us in a new direction, but rather confirming the direction that’s already in place regarding Christian broadcasts and World By Radio and the Tibetan broadcast of Words of Hope over FEBA radio.” Many believe this cultural shift will open hearts to the Gospel.

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