Story number 3 for 29 Apr 2002

By April 29, 2002

(Kenya)–Harsh weather conditions, economic and political instability and HIV/AIDS could see the figures for those in poverty double to several million people in Southern Africa in the near future. But, World Concern International’s Africa director, Nick Archer says the good news is that for poverty-stricken Kenya, they are finally getting a break in the three-year drought. “We’re hoping for a good long period of rain. Because, being pastoralists, they need rain for their animals, and without that, they suffer and their food chain is broken.” Archer says it’s important to encourage the people through their food-for-work program, both physically and spiritually. “I think it’s important also, to pray for the team that’s in the field, that they really would have both the strength and the chance to share with people the good news of the Gospel. In the midst, obviously, of a difficult situation, there’s a lot of pressures on you, and we’re really looking for opportunities to share the love of God.”

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