Story number 3 for 29 Jun 2000

By June 29, 2000

An evangelical Bible distribution organization is seeing progress in placing Scripture in Cambodia. Bibles for the World’s John Pudaite says after the recent March for Jesus event, a stadium rally was held. “We had the privilege of providing for them, copies of the Gospel of John for every single person who came into the stadium. It was 10’s of thousands of copies of the Gospel of John. One of the people who attended the event mentioned that people were so engrossed in reading the Gospel of John sometimes they didn’t even pay attention to what was happening on stage.” Pudaite says while Bibles for the World typically uses telephone directories to distribute Bibles, that’s not possible in Cambodia. “We have a postal system in Cambodia that’s totally ineffective. The only thing that works are the postal boxes, so we will be doing something there with post office boxes, but beyond that we are looking to line up a network of ministry partners who will join hands with us in distributing the word door to door or through different means.” Pudaite says Far Eastern Broadcasting Company will also be offering Bibles on the air in the region.

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