Story number 3 for 3 Aug 2001

By August 3, 2001

(South Africa) — 600 Christian educators from 13 African countries will be in South Africa Monday for the 2nd annual All Africa Educator’s Conference. The Association of Christian Schools International is hosting the event. ACSI’s Phil Renicks says Christian education is important to Africa. “The government education systems across Sub-Sahara Africa are bankrupt. And, many of them are faltering terribly. For example, in Mozambique they’re providing the equivalent of one U-S dollar per year per student. So, Christian education is coming more and more to the forefront.” And because of that, Renecks says Christian educators need to be prepared to have an eternal impact. “We’re going to be addressing the whole issue of the role of the teacher being that of a disciple maker. There hasn’t been good solid discipleship. And, we really see the role of the Christian school being a discipling ministry as well as providing for them quality academics.”

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