Story number 4 for 3 Aug 2001

By August 3, 2001

(Undated) — And finally, a new book is telling Christians that evangelism is possible in countries closed to the Gospel. It’s called God’s Secret Agent, written by Left Behind author Jerry Jenkins. It’s about the work of Evangelist Sammy Tippit who’s been in many communistic and Islamic countries around the world to share the Gospel. “There’s not country too difficult. There’s no place, no people, no individual that’s too closed, too dark that God can not open the door.” Tippit is still going into challenging countries. He’s hoping to go to another closed county to share the Gospel in October, but he needs prayer. “This place there are more Christians being killed than any other place in the world today. In every way we’re facing difficulties in reaching this place. We would certainly ask for prayers. The last time anything like this was attempted there were people shot. There were people killed. There were people arrested.” Tippit believes the obstacles will be overcome and he’ll be able to share the Gospel openly.

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