Story number 3 for 3 Jan 2003

By January 3, 2003

(Guatemala)–It’s a ministry of a work gone full circle in Guatemala. CAM International’s John Lohrenz says they are ready to launch the Old Testament translation in the Cakchiquel (KAH-chuh-keel) language. The cycle is completed since the New Testament involved a team of translators who are associated with the Bible Society that’s now publishing CAM’s work. Lohrenz says every triumph carries its trouble, like what happened after they’d started the translation. “A major orthographic change by the government-about halfway through the project, they decreed a new alphabet to be more inline with the worldwide linguistics practices. So, we encountered a lot of opposition from people who had learned to read under the old alphabet.” Lohrenz asks believers to pray for the launch. “Pray that the people in the churches will really accept and learn to read the new alphabet. That’s still a major factor because they have to make switches in the way that they read. Second, is in actually deciding how many Bibles to print up.”

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