Story number 3 for 3 Jul 2000

By July 3, 2000

Words of Hope is reporting encouraging news from the Middle East. Lee DeYoung says the newest medium, the Internet, is a tool that is opening doors for the Gospel. What’s even more promising is that the traditional difficulties faced by evangelical mission workers in closed countries are now being circumvented through partnerships with multi-media Christian ministries. “Some of these people are now able to interact two or three times a week. People who are seeking Christ, and e-mail is playing an increasing role. Some of these people are e-mailing from very sensitive countries. One of the things that we’re now able to do is make the Bible available on the Internet.” DeYoung adds there are many who have contacted them from North Africa and Saudi Arabia. He says prayer is an essential component. Words of Hope is working with the Middle East Reformed Fellowship, and Back To God Hour to produce broadcasts in the Arabic language.

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