Story number 3 for 3 Jun 2002

By June 3, 2002

(USA) — Over a quarter century of ministry follows the work of Habitat for Humanity. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss joined in on one project, and filed this report. “This is the house that love built. This is the hammer that nailed the frame that supported the house that love built in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Habitat for Humanity, along with churches, civic groups and other volunteers teamed up for a building blitz this month in which four homes were constructed in five days. Kent County Construction Manager Ivor Thomas explains why this is an important opportunity to share the hope of Christ. ‘It’s a Christian where we build homes for low-income people. My favorite part about Habitat is that it gives people an opportunity and a place to serve with their hands. It’s real easy as a Christian to get yourself in a seat at church and really get locked into that. When you get freed up to come out to a site and actually serve with your hands and body, you’re really in line with what God calls us to do.’ And all that lay in the foundation of the house that love built. For Mission Network News, I’m Ruth Bliss, Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

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