Story number 3 for 30 Jul 2001

By July 30, 2001

(USA)–A ministry is doing its part to disciple and evangelize the prison population in the United States. Crossroad Bible Institute is a Bible correspondence program that helps inmates learn the scripture. Crossroad’s David Schuringa says the program is unique. “One of the biggest problems for discipleship is the fact that prisoners are constantly transferred around from prison to prison. That’s why Crossroad developed this correspondence program because they can keep the Bible studies with their Bibles and no matter where they are transferred they can keep in touch with their instructors.” 10-thousand inmates are enrolled in the program in all 50 states. Schuringa says as many come to Christ it’s having an impact on the prison as a whole. “We are told when three or four of our students are on one cellblock the cursing and the swearing and the screaming stops and people are considerate and so forth. So, we’re seeing the changes within the prison.” Schuringa says nobody’s turned away from the program.

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