Story number 3 for 30 Nov 2000

By November 30, 2000

Young people have an opportunity to experience missions work first hand under a program with Book of Hope International. Book of Hope’s John Young says it’s part of their World Ministries Training Center program. “Our goal is really to help people use their gifts in missions. We have summer two month programs, or another program called four months for the kingdom, where kids will come in and we’ll train them for a month and send them overseas for three months where they will actually work with the national churches.” According to Young, these college age young people will get hands-on experience in Book of Hope distribution, evangelism, and youth ministry. He says it doesn’t end there, though. “If they feel called to missions we have an apprenticeship that can last one year-two years for the long term. Our short term experiences are really geared to help kids find their place in what God’s calling them to do. And, then if they see it we have the ability to bring them in and work on a longer basis.”

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