Story number 3 for 31 Jan 2000

By January 31, 2000

Opposition to evangelistic outreach in Pakistan continues even as the country
endures terrorism from its neighbors. International Friendship Evangelism’s T. E.
Koshy says the hostility faced by believers is often very serious. “The parliament
passed a law, which is known as the ‘blasphemy law’. That means [with] any statement
derogatory to the Allah, there can be capital punishment. So that means, if you preach
the Gospel, that’s a blasphemy-and that’s why in Pakistan, there is so much
persecution.” Koshy says in spite of the discrimination, people continue to hear the
Gospel. Although, he adds that for many believers in Pakistan, there is no going back.
“The persecution has been highly intensified in the recent months and years. Unless
people are willing to lay down their lives, it is not going to be very easy. If I’m afraid of
my death, I’m not worthy to follow my Jesus. So, I went, preached the Gospel, and the
Lord protected us. Over 5000 people accepted the Lord.”

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