Story number 3 for 31 Jan 2001

By January 31, 2001

(Guinea)–An ocean away, Air Serv International is being used in a man made emergency situation in Guinea. Air Serv is providing aviation and related services to this developing African country. Ken McKenzie is in Guinea and describes their work. “The refugee arm of the United Nations is using Air Serv to move, mostly expatriate staff, in and out of jungle regions of Guinea where most of the fighting is taking place. The fighting along the border between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has displaced approximately 250,000 of the refugees that were in camps along the Guinean border.” McKenzie says they’re able to share their faith with U-N officials. “The old saying that there’s no atheist in a foxhole certainly rings true with the current situation. They basically live next to a radio with their clothes on and a bag packed. So, it gives you quite the opportunity to share what your beliefs are.” McKenzie says most missionaries left the region when fighting from Liberia and Sierra Leone spread into the country.

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