Story number 3 for 4 Dec 2000

By December 4, 2000

Christmas — a time for sharing and caring. It’s usually associated with family and friends, but World Concern would like you to expand your horizons with their Global Gift Guide. Agency Spokeswoman Teri Johnson explains what it is. “The gobal gift guide is a catalog that allows people to share Christ’s love by sponsoring specific gifts for families in need. Like a breading rabbit for a family in Rwanda, fishing kits in Somalia. Goats for families in Haiti, or a farm cow for someone in Latin America. Each gift helps a family. It represents hope.” The gifts range from 15-dollars to 500-dollars. She says there’s a spiritual reason for the program. “The gifts help us maintain a presence in hard to access countries and the governments can see that through the giving that we’re meeting the needs of the people there, which helps us building and maintain trust. And, then long-term becomes a tool to share the Gospel.” Go to WorldConcern-dot-org to find out more.

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