Story number 3 for 4 Jul 2000

By July 4, 2000

An Evangelical Christian relief and development agency is starting a new program that will help them respond more quickly to disasters around the world. Food for the Hungry’s Roe Ann Wood says it’s called the Disaster Relief Network. “It’s a way to organize churches before a disaster strikes. What we’ve found is that churches want to help, but often times they don’t know how. And, often times, after a disaster strikes it’s often too late. So, one of the things we want to do is build the Ark before it rains.” Wood says they’re preparing a database of churches interested in helping. She says the underlying reason is spiritual. “We always go in trying to meet the peoples physical needs, but also with the realization that a lot of these people who we’re helping don’t know Jesus. And so, we try to minister physically and spiritually, which is something that the American Red Cross can not do.” Wood says the program is free.

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