Story number 3 for 4 Mar 2003

By March 4, 2003

(India)–Oppression against Christians isn’t easing in India. That’s the message from MissionEvangelism’s Adrian Jones who just returned from preaching in the state of Kerala where his life was threatened. “A gang of men had sworn to kidnap me and kill me. So, when I got to the crusade site, it was surrounded by police and soldiers with machine guns. It was sort of a hair-raising time for the team.” Jones says religious freedom in India may be changing. “The state of Kerala is getting ready to pass a no conversion law. As I understand it, if you go in there on a tourist visa they won’t allow you to come in and preach at all. You can go in on a preaching visa if they will give that to you, but they’re saying they won’t give that to you either. So, the door is closing.” 67-thousand people heard the Gospel — nearly two-thousand people made professions of faith.”

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