Story number 4 for 4 Mar 2003

By March 4, 2003

(International)–And, the words ‘family’ and ‘accountability’ drive the music of the group ‘Brothers Keeper’. More than that, those words drive desire for evangelistic outreach for the band members. That’s according to Gabe Dunlap, one of the vocalists. He explains that’s why they’re part of a fellowship of committed Christians dedicated to making a profound difference in the world, and why the band wholeheartedly supports Christian Blind Mission. “These children that are going blind are defenseless and in these countries, they can’t do anything about it. When they go blind, they’re useless to their people and they’re usually just cast aside and thrown away.” Dunlap states that their support as a band is simply a response to a call to action. “The biggest ministry you have, and the biggest testimony that you can have as a Christian, is to help others out and to show them the love of Christ. By becoming a sponsor or praying for those in the Christian Blind Mission, you are truly acting out your faith.”

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