Story number 3 for 5 Apr 2001

By April 5, 2001

(Macedonia)–While there’s physical peace in Macedonia, emotional peace is far from certain in that country where ethnic clashes erupted six weeks ago. Evangelism Explosion’s Vice President for Europe George Verzea (VEER-zjuh) says their ministry has been affected. “There are some E-E churches close to the area where the fights are. And, we intend to set up a special fund for (the) Macedonian crisis and we did for (the) Kosovo crisis to help churches in that area.” According to Versea they need 50-thousand dollars for the fund, which will allow Churches to be more effective in evangelism. He says they’re already seeing results. “In all of the churches they’ve had 30 people baptized this year in the main E-E churches. So, we see the fruits of the E-E ministry there. 30 people out of 600 is a good increase in only seven months.”

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