Story number 3 for 5 Dec 2002

By December 5, 2002

(India)–Pakistan this week accused rival India of sabotaging an upcoming regional summit scheduled to be held in the Pakistani capital. The issue points to continued security concerns between the two nations. World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey says it is in these conditions that they released a new Punjabi Bible. Because their team is still out on the field, please pray “…for a safe distribution of this Bible among Christian churches in Punjab as well as in eastern Pakistan.” Massey says the Bible’s uses are many, adding new avenues of outreach are presenting themselves. “As this Bible begins to move out of the Christian community into the community at large, as this easy-to-read version is a complete Bible, it’ll be used extensively in training illiterates to read.” The Center exists to make Scriptures accessible to people around the world in their everyday language.

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