Story number 3 for 5 Mar 2002

By March 5, 2002

(Serbia)–Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic’s war crimes trial is moving forward. Despite protests of innocence, Milosevic faces 66 counts of war crimes in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Trans World Radio’s Rich Greene says believers are seeing the beginning of an eternal revolution in an area once filled with hate. “In the light of the trial that’s going on in the Hague, people within Serbia and in the Yugoslav Republic want to be able to move on. They have seen great political change within their country, for the better, but they want to be able to make an impact for Christ on their country.” Greene says this is where their outreach supports the church. “They feel that they have been cast as the pariah within the world community. So, they’re deeply concerned that their people first have a grasp of personal relationship with God Himself through Jesus Christ. And so, these programs are helping people to be reconnected with God.”

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