Story number 3 for 5 Oct 2000

By October 5, 2000

The horrific violence of civil war in Sierra Leone has resulted in a stronger body of believers. Christians in Action’s Raymond Attawia (uh-TAH-we-UH) says local residents know about the church’s reputation and are turning to the local Christians for help. Attawia says even Muslims are asking for their help. “He was saying, “You know, we know you Christians are doing so much. A lot depends on you Christians in this country.” So, the witness of the church has been enhanced.” The Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone works with other denominations and organization to help plant churches. Right now, there are 21 congregations with over 4,000 people and more calls for churches to be planted. As the country stabilizes, Attawia asks that Christians pray that more lives be touched. “I guess we also need strength to be able to just finish this task of evangelism over out land. As the country becomes more and more peaceful we need to take this Gospel into the villages.”

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