Story number 3 for 6 Jun 2000

By June 6, 2000

In the first months of Vladimir Putin’s presidency, Russia seems eerily calm after a period of chaos. Christians For Israel’s Willem Glashouwer says while many organizations are glad for Russia’s new president and his apparent openness to things of a Christian nature, he’s seeing evidence of a dark side. “Putin, the new president, is anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is on the rise, we see the numbers rise of people we bring home from the Ukraine, so we’re continuing to do that.” Glashouwer adds that despite increasing pressure felt throughout Eastern Europe: “We just go on with projects just like these and in that, share with the people the love of Jesus. These young Christians who are on the buses in the Ukraine just say ‘we want to help you to get home’. Many times the Jews ask, ‘But why do you do it?’ They’re so accustomed to Christian hatred toward them.”

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