Story number 3 for 7 Apr 2000

By April 7, 2000

Persecution of Christians is on the increase in India. That’s the word from the President of the India Evangelical Mission, G-V Mathai. Mathai says the Hindu government is putting some restrictions on their work. “Open air meetings, now they are prohibiting that one. Hindu fanatics come and stone them and say, get out of here and in some places they have said if you stand here and preach we will set you on fire. The baptism in public places is prohibited.” Despite the restrictions, thousands of people are coming to Christ. Mathai says that comes with persecution. “The more persecution and more restrictions are laying on, in every place there is a public meeting, there are more crowds. More people are trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. As history repeats, where ever the persecution increased the Lord has drawn many people unto himself.”

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