Story number 4 for 7 Apr 2000

By April 7, 2000

And finally, Luis Palau is asking Christians around the world to pray that God would touch the hearts of people in Sheffield, England. Palau is in the midst of evangelistic meetings in an area of England that is suffering economically. He says while there are challenges, they have seen God at work. “We’ve already had close to 1,000 people make a commitment to Christ, so we’re very excited. England is a tough land. Very protestant, although there’s many Catholics too, but a tough land. It’s very typical of Europe only a little softer than continental Europe.” Because Sheffield is economically depressed, Palau is asking people to pray that hearts will be filled with hope. “They’ve got a mentality that nothing happens here. Nothing can happen. Nothing will happen. A great majority of the people feel that God has abandoned us. So, my message is one of hope, always the Gospel of course.” The special meetings will continue through Saturday.

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