Story number 3 for 7 Feb 2002

By February 7, 2002

(Liberia)–In the wake of civil war in Liberia, ministry to children is being redeveloped in that West African nation. Jack Eggar is the President of Awana Clubs International. He says many Christians lost their lives during the chaos and their ministry is just now being reestablished. “A great number of Awana people died over there — children, their parents, leaders of churches, leaders of the Awana program. Our building was complete destroyed. And, our missionary’s name is Jerome Siacore. He has gone back in there with a passion. And so, Awana is up and growing.” 15-dollars a month can help sponsor clubs in Liberia. Eggar says children can’t be ignored. “We today need to recognize the great value of reaching children with the Gospel and not just ignore them and keep them occupied so we can go about our grown up business, because, very much, they’re the next generation and we need to do something with them.”

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