Story number 3 for 7 Feb 2003

By February 7, 2003

(USA)–At-risk children in the United States are getting a helping hand from the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI’s Ken Smitherman says they established the ACSI Children’s Tuition fund. “Our objective there has been to provide opportunity for some of the more deprived and some of those who have been in essence chained to ineffective schools to have the opportunity for their parents to choose Christian schooling. This current year we’ve been able to award scholarships for about 155 students nationwide.” Smitherman believes many children will hear the Gospel for the first time. “This is not a requirement that the children be from Christian homes, because we see the opportunity of Christian schooling one of the real opportunities of hope for children. The idea is to reach kids who simply do not have the opportunity for a Christ centered education.” Donors are needed to help this program continue.

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