Story number 3 for 7 Jan 2003

By January 7, 2003

(Southern Africa)–A new venture begins this month in Africa. Trans World Radio launched a youth outreach for children aged five to 12 years old called “Project Samuel”. It’s part of an overall ministry entitled “A Generation of Hope”. TWR’s Rich Green says this work is necessary because Africa’s youngest generation is facing AIDS/HIV and a severe food shortage, time is short. “Trans World Radio has a tremendous burden through Africa, to not only produce AIDS programming, but to reach the next generation and to teach them about Christ and to teach them how to have a personal relationship with Him.” Green says this project needs support. “We’re convinced that God answers prayer, and so we certainly solicit people to pray that God would move in the hearts of young people all throughout the continent to give their hearts to Christ and then to live pure and holy lives for Him.”

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