Story number 3 for 7 Oct 2002

By October 7, 2002

(USA)–It’s no secret that the hope of the Gospel helps disaster victims cope with their struggles. International Bible Society’s Sues Hyd says as a result of their cooperative work following September 11th, they’ve partnered with the Salvation Army in creating a crisis response team. “That actually stands for ‘Scripture Outreach Servants’. We are signing a memorandum of understanding with, specifically, their disaster work. In light of that, we want to come alongside them and really undergird their work and what they’re doing.” Hyd says they’re hoping to be able to expand the outreach. For now, though, there’s a lot of ground to cover. “Pray for us as we begin our training and selection of members. When we do deploy, pray for safety as well as just wisdom to know how to best meet the needs of disaster survivors.”

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