Story number 3 for 8 Aug 2000

By August 8, 2000

Amsterdam 2000 is now over, but the enthusiasm continues. Greg Yoder reports from Amsterdam. “Almost 10-thousand delegates from 209 countries are on their way home now. We went around and asked them what they learned from this weeks conference. “More preach, more go. I learned more strategies about evangelism. If all Christian leaders could unite together we will be very effective in evangelism. It gives me more outlook on how to strategize and how to really evangelize these people and train them to evangelize their own people. I was really touch and received the burden to mobilize the church of more intercession.” As the conference closed, many are praising God for speaking to them. Here’s their praise in their own language: (audio montage “Praise the Lord”) Reporting from the Netherlands, I’m Greg Yoder for the Amsterdam 2,000 Radio Network.”

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