Story number 3 for 8 May 2001

By May 8, 2001

(Lebanon)–Arabic speaking people will be able to hear more Gospel programming thanks, in part, to Words of Hope of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Words of Hope’s Vice President for Broadcasting Lee DeYoung just returned from Lebanon where they’re planning to expand the ministry. “Our main purpose in traveling to Beirut was to begin the installation of a recording studio for Arabic programs. The idea is to create multiple studios so that people who are living in the target area have a chance to make contributions to the programs.” DeYoung says local participation makes the program more relevant. Words of Hope is working with Middle East Reform Fellowship, the Back to God Hour and the Lebanon Reformed Fellowship. “The Lebanon Reformed Fellowship is legally registered there and able to undertake these broadcasts – production as well as the follow up.” Which is essential in seeing many grow in their walk with Christ in the Middle East.

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