Story number 3 for 8 Nov 2001

By November 8, 2001

(Korea)–After a successful run of test broadcasts and behind-the-scenes work, Far East Broadcasting Company is announcing another station will officially begin broadcasting in Korea, on November 12th. This new radio station will feature programming that will appeal to the indigenous church. FEBC’s President, Jim Bowman, says the broadcasts will reach approximately one million people. “The east coast of Korea, in fact the coastal areas in the southwest, are more heavily Buddhist. So, this is an area that really needs Christian witness. The radio stations have been accepted very well by the Christians because you only have about seven-percent of the population that is considered to be Christian.” Bowman adds that where there is new ministry, there is also challenge and opposition. He asks believers to pray for the outreach in P’ohang (poh-HAHNG). “The only difficulties we have, of course, are from the religious end of things-the influence from the Buddhists, especially. They’re greatly concerned by the growth of the Christian radio stations.”

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