Story number 3 for 9 Oct 2001

By October 9, 2001

(Middle East)–People in the Middle East are asking many questions in the wake of the terror attacks on the U-S and its subsequent response. SAT-7’s Terry Ascott explains. “The Arab world itself has been questioning, is this a legitimate reflection of any part of Islam? People are questioning, what are the issues and why retaliate in this way? And, I believe that there are many Muslims are questing whether they want to identify with certain brands of Islam. And, this will create a new openness, I hope.” SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television network in the Middle East. Ascott believes It’s having an impact on attitudes. “As they’ve seen images of Lebanese and Egyptian and Iraqi and Jordanian Christians singing, speaking, taking part in worship services in Arab churches in Arab countries, people now recognize that it’s okay to be Arab and to be Christian.”

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