Story number 4 for 1 Apr 2002

By April 1, 2002

(Guatemala)–Meanwhile, Community Health Evangelism is having an impact on rural villages in Guatemala. Medical Ambassador’s Peggy Britt recently returned from that South American country. She describes the CHE program. “Community Health Evangelism is a strategy in which we go in to communities and through the leadership we teach people how to survive with what they have in their community. And, most often it’s things like needing pit latrines, clean water sources, vegetable gardens and things like that.” Britt says as they do this, they share the Gospel. She says churches are growing as a result. “All of the villages that we went to, there were churches there that had already been built. Some of them the churches were being increased in size. In fact, one church was being increased so they could seat 1,000 people.” Pray that funding will continue for the program so many more will come to Christ.

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