Story number 4 for 10 Aug 2000

By August 10, 2000

Next, we turn to the United States, where the focus on short-term missions and evangelism is growing sharper. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is gearing up for a major conference in a few months. Coming on the heels of Amsterdam 2000, ICF’s Phil Evans says the two evangelistic meetings are dovetailing in purpose. “Urbana 2000 is a mobilizing event for young people to get involved with missions work around the world. Through the years we’ve seen more than 194-thousand students get involved in global evangelization.” Evans notes that the appeal of evangelism is at an all time high. “We have seven thousand people registered for Urbana (as of today); we’re further ahead right now than we’ve been for any other convention in the last 20-25 years. We’re trying to tap into a cultural trend that’s happening. What we’re really excited about is that students want to take their passion for knowing God to help the nations discover the God that they worship.” This year’s Urbana 2000 is slated for December 27th through the 31rst.

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