Story number 4 for 10 Feb 2000

By February 10, 2000

Next, the “Baby Boomer” generation is approaching the time in life when they
are looking for a new challenge. Send International is part of the “Finishers
Project”, in which it is their life-skills and time that are being sought. Moody Bible
Institute’s President, Dr. Joseph Stowell says their resources are desperately needed.
“Particularly, the global needs are so acute. We have little idea of what it really means
to live int heir world countries that are ravaged by AIDS, that are lost in the depths of
long-term famine.” Stowell adds that the “Finishers Project” can translate their skills into
evangelism. “There are so many people whose hearts are open to Christ where we can
come alongside of them and meet their needs and enable them to survive and to
succeed. And, at the same time, take the most important thing they need and that’s the
reality of Jesus Christ in their hearts and their lives.” Stowell is the keynote speaker for
the April “Finishers Forum 2000” in Dallas, Texas.

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