Story number 4 for 10 Jul 2000

By July 10, 2000

Meanwhile, Grace Ministries International is reporting good news from their Zambia outreach. GMI Bible School teams took the Gospel along the Kafue (kah-FOO-way) River, and report that people were ready to receive it. “The results were just wonderful. [In] one village, 25 people came to the Lord; another village, eleven; another village, nineteen; and the people were very receptive. [They] even gave us land to start a new church, so that has become a new ministry which we are going to promote and use maybe three or four trips a year doing this type of evangelism.” Grace Ministries’ Sam Vinton says hundreds more heard the Gospel through a special crusade meeting. “I think it was about 90 that came to the Lord in the last one (crusade), and I think the one previous to that, was more like 80 some people came to the Lord. So, there’s a real receptivity right now that we find in Zambia.” Please pray that these new believers will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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