Story number 4 for 11 Aug 2003

By August 11, 2003

(Guatemala)–Meanwhile, Global Missions Fellowship is starting a new evangelism saturation program in Mazatenango, Guatemala. GMF’s Sam Engracia says they just returned from a successful campaign in the region. “We had 30 North Americans that joined us. We had 27 Guatemalan translators come from the capitol city down to Mazatenango with us. Two El Salvadorian friends came over and also one Cuban. So, we kind of had this multi-national team all mobilized. As a result of the saturation evangelism the Lord gave us 548 professions of faith on the campaign.” Engracia says the goal is to plant a vibrant church through local believers. “So, what they’re doing is targeting neighborhoods where there’s no established church of an evangelical witness and then we work side by side sharing the Gospel of Christ to help start a spiritual momentum in that community.”

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