Story number 4 for 11 Jun 2002

By June 11, 2002

(USA)–Next, it’s phase 2 of the 91 days of prayer. PrayerZone America is helping the West Michigan area remember to pray for young people as they begin their summer vacation. PrayerZone America’s John Hulett says phase one was to pray for protection both physically and spiritually. Phase two is prayer walking around 66 area middle and high schools. “Ministry follows prayer, and so we believe that as we pray for that school, that God will raise up student leaders who will want to start a campus ministry and be a campus missionary for Christ on their campus.” Hulett believes this is key to reaching a lost generation for Christ. He explains why. “The only legal carrier of the Gospel to a secular middle and high school campus is a student. That’s why we’re involved in creating 1st Priority Clubs. Campus ministries planted inside that school that enables them then to share Christ with their friends.”

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