Story number 1 for 11 Jun 2002

By June 11, 2002

(Philippines)–Headlining today’s news, as Christians around the world mourn the death of New Tribes Missionary Martin Burnham, Christians in the Philippines continue with outreach. Back to the Bible’s Jojie Miranda (JOH-jee mah-RAHN-duh) works in the Philippines. “I think there will be more emphasis, really, to bring the Gospel of hope, especially to the people of our country in the Mindanao area. I think people would really now have more burden in the Gospel proclamation.” Back to the Bible broadcasts English and Tagalog programming into that region where Islam is strong. Miranda believes more needs to be done. “There are still people groups in the Mindanao area who really haven’t heard the Gospel of Christ. So, for us Christians there is a need to enlarge our territory in terms of broadcasting and probably sending missionaries.” Your support for Back to the Bible can help.

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