Story number 4 for 11 May 2001

By May 11, 2001

(USA) — And finally, the work of Life At Its Best is more than a Bible broadcast. It’s a call-to-action for compassionate service to the neediest people in the toughest places on earth. According to the ministry’s president, Norm Nelson, the principles behind what they do are a way of life. “To live life at its best means to live under the cross, above the crowd, by the Word and for the world. We do broadcast our Bible teaching program around the world, and through the ministries with whom we partner, The Bible League, Open Doors with Brother Andrew, International Aid, and other groups, we convey the love of Jesus Christ in a very tangible way.” Nelson adds that the focus behind the ministry is simplistic. “We’re really called to live a life of compassion, of generosity toward others, and to be concerned about the suffering of people around the world. We seek to get the Word of God out, not only the teaching of the Word of God, but the Bible itself.”

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