Story number 4 for 11 Oct 2000

By October 11, 2000

Meanwhile, New Focus National’s program is taking on an unusual twist at a church in Mankato, Minnesota. Director Chris Walchuk says they’ve now changed their concentration from a traditional benevolence fund to a revolving loan fund. Walchuk says the pilot program provided more than financial benefits. “We ran one New Focus class, where we gave them money by grant, and another, we said “All this money we’re giving you, you’re signing a promissory note; we expect repayment, and people overwhelmingly preferred the loan. It restored their dignity; it gave them a goal to work toward, and they felt really great when they did, in fact, pay off that loan.” Walchuk explains there were other rewards that New Focus clients soon discover. “We let them know right up front, they’re going to hear the Word of God, they’re going to hear of a lifestyle that will make their lives better in every way. In fact, I was shocked from the beginning how hungry people were for that Word.” New Focus National is a faith-based training group that helps churches provide a system to reach out to their communities.

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