Story number 4 for 12 Aug 2002

By August 12, 2002

(USA)–Next, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board continues to send new missionaries to the field. IMB’s President Jerry Rankin says 79 workers were commissioned just recently. “More than half of those appointed could not be identified by the places they’re going to serve because they’re very security sensitive and in restricted areas, and yet through creative access assignments are able to gain access and live out an incarnational witness and their faith.” Many of them testified how they were called to the field. “Central Asia sent out a request to engage an unreached people group of 8 million, while on the other side of the world God was stirring our hearts to reach that same people group. In 1990, during my first short term mission trip, God gave me a passion for missions. In G-A room full of little girls learning about missionaries, God called me to be one.”

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