Story number 4 for 13 Dec 1999

By December 13, 1999

Next, we continue with our series on the needs facing Liberians as civil war ends in that country. Feeding Starving Children International’s Dick Proudfit says they’re taking a leadership role in helping the people with food and medicines. He says Liberia has lush farmland and they’re going to help rebuild its agricultural base. “The country is just lush. They have the rain forest there. The surrounding country outside of the rain forest is green, but it is over grown because of the war. We’re looking for large donations of seeds. Two or three containers of seeds.” Proudfit says they also need farm implements. He says this is just another step toward leading people to Christ, but they can’t do it alone. “We’re asking a lot of people to step forward and some of the bigger financial entrepreneurs to step forward and be a part of the organization. And, I believe the big picture that we’re looking at immediately is five-million dollars.”

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