Story number 4 for 13 Oct 2000

By October 13, 2000

Meanwhile, the Olympics may be over, but evangelism continues to move forward. Evangelism Explosion International’s Rod Story says 85 people attended six training classes in preparation for sharing the Gospel during the Games. “All the actual evangelism, the on-the-job training process that we used, were just called ‘surveys’, approaching people on the streets. And, the same with the church that ran after the Olympics were on. They approached people who came into the courtyard, where they sat down for coffee. They had drama, music, testimonies, those kinds of things. Very easy to talk with people, very worthwhile conversations.” Story says many have accepted Christ, and seeds were planted among the attendees, especially among the people of Australia. “There is a mentality in many of the churches that nobody is interested. But, the reality is, from our experience, that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people are interested if only you approach them in the right way.”

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