Story number 4 for 15 Jul 2003

By July 15, 2003

(Guatemala)–Elsewhere, CAM International’s radio station, TGNA in Guatemala, celebrates 53 years of ministry this year. CAM’s Steve Sywulka says, aside from this landmark, they’re seeing a strong response to the Gospel. That has a curious upside and a downside, though. “One of the major problems that we have is that there is very little understanding of the truth. There’s a lot of evangelistic fervor, but that doesn’t carry over to changes in people’s way of thinking and acting, many times.” Sywulka says, given the challenge of the growing church, their mission is, “…providing good, solid Biblical teaching, systematically, through a number of different types of programs. We have programs like ‘Insight For Living’, ‘Back To The Bible’, ‘Through The Bible’, some of own local Bible teachers here who are very gifted. This is something that, even though there are other radio ministries in the country, I think that we’re unique in providing this input into people all across the country.”

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