Story number 5 for 15 Jul 2003

By July 15, 2003

(Cuba)–And finally, prayer is needed for church growth in Cuba. That’s the word from HCJB World Radio’s Americo Saavedra. “What’s happening with the house church right now is they’re exploding everywhere.” Saavedra runs ‘Apoyo’, a joint ministry with HCJB World Radio and Leadership Resources International. Saavedra says the Cuban church is doing great things. “They are doing a phenomenal job evangelizing, (and) sharing the Gospel with their neighbors. Training is one of their biggest cries at this point and resources.” Saavedra says books would help with training, but, that too, is a challenge. “One of the difficulties we have is trying to get the right kind of materials into their hands. And, obviously, there’s a lot of red tape for books to go into the country. Once a year, we ship quite a bit of books into Cuba, but it takes about one-year for us to get permission.” Pray that the church in Cuba will continue to grow strong.

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