Story number 4 for 16 Apr 2001

By April 16, 2001

(USA)–Meanwhile, D & D Missionary Homes is finding out how they can meet the needs of missionaries away from the field. D & D provides homes and services at low cost to missionary families on furlough or home assignment. D & D’s Phil Fogle says they recently held a consultation with mission leaders and other professionals. “We met for 2 1/2 days and we came up with 100 pages of material, really. The need for continuing education, debriefing both the adults and the children and medical needs.” Fogle says D & D and other groups will address these needs. “We have a strategic planning committee and we’ll come up with an action plan for D & D. Now, as part of this whole thing, we’ll also be preparing a written report that will go to mission agencies, churches and schools.” To tell them how they can help in this effort.

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