Story number 4 for 16 Mar 2000

By March 16, 2000

Elsewhere, Mexican immigrants who get into trouble in the United States are shipped to the border town of Tijuana where Greg and Kathy Saracoff, missionaries with Latin America Mission, are working to reach them. LAM’s Ken MacHarg reports. “Greg Saracoff says because Tijuana is the dumping ground for Mexicans deported to Mexico from the U-S the number of alcoholics and drug addicts is double that in other parts of Mexico. He and Kathy have opened a Christian rehabilitation center for men to dry them out and introduce them to Christ. He says that the way they count their successes is that they have 14 Latin Americans on their staff and half of them have been brought off of heroin through the center. Greg says that the Bible is the foundation of their work and the center’s clients are hearing the Gospel. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg in Tijuana, Mexico.”

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