Story number 4 for 17 Mar 2000

By March 17, 2000

Meanwhile, a group committed to Bible translation is renewing its pledge to see that everyone has Scripture in their own language. Jaars, which is Wycliffe’s technical support division, introduced their Vision 2025 plan. Jaars President Jim Akovenko explains the vision. “Vision 2025 is our focusing on the remaining task of the 3,000 language groups who yet do not have any word of scripture in their own language, in a language they fully understand. And, it’s a focal point for us internally as well as to get the word out to the churches world-wide.” Akovenko says it’s awesome to consider getting scripture into every language by 2025. He says communicating that need is challenging. “Because we have the Bible so prevalent in our society here, the idea that there are cultures that don’t have one written word in their language is a big step. So, the challenge is to communicate the need and then to seek out specialists.” Pilots, maintenance workers and computer specialists are some of the positions needed.

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