Story number 4 for 17 May 2000

By May 17, 2000

Yesterday, we told you about an organization’s commitment to continuing their church planting efforts in Ethiopia. They’re doing so despite war and famine in that country. International Needs is that organization and, as David Culross explains, they have three goals. “International Needs was established over 25 years ago in the early 1970’s to partner with nationals in evangelism, we work in the area of leadership training, and then we have various works of compassionate care nature where we may care for children. We may have a small medical clinic. Something of that nature.” Culross says they minister in 30 different countries. He says evangelism is key to all of their work. “There must be an evangelistic focus on everything we do, or we say, this is a worthy cause, it needs to be done, but it’s not something that we do.” International Needs assists in church planting, vocational training, water purification, child sponsorship and more.

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