Story number 4 for 18 Jun 2002

By June 18, 2002

(International)–Meanwhile, a ministry that’s reaching out to the continent of Africa is celebrating its 40th year of service. Michael Cassidy started African Enterprise out of love for the African people. The board chairman of African Enterprise Arch Hart says they’ve set aside three weeks in August to celebrate. However, Hart says they’ll begin the celebration based on their mission. “We’re not going to sit around and party, that’s not our style. We’ve decided to conduct a mission to the city of Port Elizabeth with a strong emphasis on youth. We’ve got to reach the young people of African if we’re going to impact the future.” Hart says only the Gospel can put an end to the AIDS crisis, which is expected to kill millions of young people in the next decade. “Unless we see a dramatic moral turn around, we’re not going to stop this problem. People’s lifestyles have got to change. Evangelism in Africa, is the only way we’re going to get that problem under control.” Pray that this mission will see many turn to Christ.

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